Outdoor Fall Wedding in St. Louis

Tyler + Katie // Timeless Fall Wedding at Silver Oaks Chateau

...Talk about one of the sweetest couples we've ever had the privilege of working with. Katie and Tyler not only love each other well, they radiate it to everyone around them. And it's easy to see why; their families are just as incredible as they are. This whole day was such a beautiful celebration of the love of Christ being shown and shared by his people. We felt so honored to take part in it!

Kent + Bennett // Lovely Midwest Wedding at Silver Oaks Chateau

I don't think we have ever laughed harder or felt more emotion on a wedding day. If we could just bottle Bennet and Kent's couple-essence and save it for a rainy day, what a gift it would be. There's just something special about a bride groom who are so in-the-moment and would rather be caught up in each other and the love of their friends and family all around instead of the stressful details of the day. They enjoyed every single minute of their wedding and, goodness, did it ever show. Even falling in the mud in the woods during golden hour photos couldn't dampen their spirits. They just laughed and laughed and I imagine they'll live happily ever after.