Jes + Kael // Iceland Adventure Engagement Session

We just got off of a video chat with another rad couple eloping in Iceland and now we're feeling all nostalgic about our time in this magic-land with Jes and Kael so we figured it's a perfect opportunity to blast the inter-webs with round 1 of these hot, gorgeous babes and our perfect night together before their wedding day. You just can't properly do Iceland without a visit to Jokulsarlon. And we wanted to try something new this trip so we ventured all the way out to Stokksnes Beach. (What's not pictured is our late night dinner at this amazing lobster place in the tiny little town of Hofn, me (Charis) having the best wine I've ever tasted, us falling in love with these two, and then Kael and Jes fearing for their lives as they drove through wind and rain on pitch black roads for 2 hours back to their hotel. Iceland isn't for the faint of heart, people. But it definitely is for the lovers. More from their wedding day coming soonish!!

Katy + JB // Snowy Engagement Session in the Rocky Mountains

Never have I been more excited about a session being rescheduled. Sometimes things just have a way of working out. We were supposed to do Katy and JB's engagement session in St. Louis a few months back but at the last minute we decided to postpone because it was such a dark, dreary day and we were going to be shooting in the woods which would make it even darker. It was especially a bummer because they don't live here and were only in town for the weekend. But then a stroke of genius hit me and I remembered that they currently live in Denver so I asked if they'd want to do their session in the mountains when we already had a trip planned! (Can't believe I hadn't thought of that to begin with lol.) Well, naturally, we're pretty dang thrilled with the results.