Forest Park Surprise Proposal and Engagement Session


I am so relieved to not have to keep this secret any longer!! And even more ecstatic that these two freaking awesome people are marrying each other!!! I was so honored when Tyler asked me to be there to capture this once-in-a-lifetime moment, but holy cow, it was hard not slipping up in front of Mallory! It was absolutely hilarious trying to hide from her when we first arrived at Steinberg Skating Rink. They were on the ice and there I am with my dual cameras trying to casually hide behind Kyle and take candid shots of them skating. We looked completely ridiculous and up to no good lol. My favorite part was Mal falling flat on her back right as Tyler was getting ready to pop the question. That will go down in infamy, I'm sure, and be told to countless grandchildren years from now. ;)

And Tyler's idea of doing their engagement session right after he proposed was pure genius. Mallory was absolutely beaming! I love that I was able to document the love, and excitement, and emotion of this incredibly special day. And you better believe we are STOKED to be there when they tie the knot!!!