Personal Post - Missions Trip to Reynosa, MX

My husband and I traveled to Reynosa, Mexico last week with an incredible team of people from our church.  We built a home for a homeless family in a colonia that's so poor they're considered the "throw aways" of society and aren't really aknowledged by the government or anyone else, for that matter.  Many of the people living there survive by digging through a massive garbage dump everyday.  Heartbreak doesn't even begin to describe what you feel when you walk these streets.  The constant thought running through my mind all week was "I just want to do more for them."  I'm grateful that I serve a God who sees and knows each of them and will never turn His back on them.  I'm also grateful that He sends us to love and serve and care for the least of these.  If you're scrolling through and looking at these photos, would you mind taking a moment and praying for these precious people?  Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!!