sunset shoot - St. Louis Wedding Photographer

When Justin asked me about surprising Eva with a photoshoot I was instantly on board.  These two lovely people spend most of the year apart as Justin travels for months at a time as a minor league umpire. He's only been home a short time and will be leaving again soon so I LOVED his idea to capture some memories of the two of them together.  So romantic!  We schemed and even came up with a way to have Eva's makeup done professionally by the AH-mazing, Liz Caro, without her catching on.  Isn't she stunning?  That hair!

I was kinda bummed when I saw we were in for gray skies.  That meant no golden backlit shots, which tend to be my fav.  But what I didn't count on was one of the most unbelievably exquisite sunsets.  Seriously cool.  The sunset shots don't even look real… but I promise they are. ;)  

So here's to Eva and her Justin.  I just adore them.