Bay Area and Wine Country - travel photos

Have I mentioned how much we like to travel and explore??? I still can't believe how kind God has been to let us see so much of His magnificent creation. I hope I never lose the wonder of staring out over the ocean or the mountains and trying to comprehend the beauty of the One who dreamed it all up.

A few week ago we were able to go visit my brother and sister-in-law who live by the BEACH in the Bay Area (I'm still trying to temper my jealousy). And of course, while we were there we explored. It's a shame; if hiking were nearly as exciting here in the midwest as it is there I would be so fit and healthy!  

We also took a drive out in Napa and lunched at Ram's Gate in Sonoma. If you're ever out there, GO! It's absolutely picturesque. And their wine's pretty fantastic too. 

Also, my husband has turned into a dang good photographer! So that's fun. ;)