Ethereal Sutro Baths/Land's End Engagement Photos - California Wedding Photographer

I still can't believe we pulled this thing off... and how absolutely magical it turned out. With Bill and Mayka living in San Francisco and me living in St. Louis we weren't sure that we'd be able to make an engagement shoot happen before their upcoming wedding this spring. When my husband mentioned a business trip out there the wheels started turning. We kept trying to make plans and still didn't know if it was gonna happen. That morning at 10 they texted me to see if we could shoot that evening and by 4 we met up and were headed to Land's End... I like to fly by the seat of my pants like that. I have been dreaming about shooting at Sutro Baths for years so I was pretty much over the moon that we ended up there. The LIGHT... utter perfection. And Mayka's dress by Christine Alcalay!!! Too good for words. I think the best thing about this shoot, though, was how flawless they are together. I remember talking to them a few months ago about wedding details and they were both wondering if they'd feel or look awkward in front of the camera. Um, rest assured, you two... I'll let these speak for themselves. ;)

PS- Bill is an amazing illustrator and art director, hence their adorably quirky props. Their wedding's going to be INSANE!