Kauai // Singin' June Cochran's Praises

Indulge me for a moment and allow me to brag all over the place about June Cochran... and as a bonus show off me and my yummy man in what we wish was our native environment. (Seriously, one day WE WILL live in Kauai. Please, Lord!!!) So yeah, go stalk her website, her FB and IG. Promise you won't be disappointed.

I still marvel sometimes at the way social media has changed everything for our generation. Sure there's plenty of negatives but wow oh wow does it bring people together. I literally just stumbled upon June's IG and after drooling over her gallery thought it would be pretty epic to get on the other side of the camera for a change, especially in our favorite place in all the earth. Who knew that she was my long lost twin in so very many ways and that the three of us would become the fastest of friends. (Insert 1 million heart eyes here.) Seriously, I can't even say enough nice things about her to do her justice... you just have to meet her to understand how special she is.

So here's just a handful of my favorites from our crazy, awesome, totally rad, spectacular adventure with the one and only, June Cochran! 

And just in case your wanderlust still isn't satisfied, here's a few of our snaps from the rest of the trip.