ECLIPSE // Katie + Tyler's Engagement Session During the 2017 Solar Eclipse at Silver Oaks Chateau

What a rush!! We still can't believe that we just witnessed a full solar eclipse today!! Kyle and I were talking about it a few weeks ago and planning out what to do and he had the genius idea of trying to do a photo shoot during it to capture the interesting light. Katie and Tyler just happened to be over at our house a few days later to talk through wedding plans and when we brought up the idea they jumped on board. We actually live in the totality zone but Silver Oaks Chateau said we could come hang out at their place and even get on the roof... so of course we took them up on it! We wandered around the grounds for a bit when the eclipse first started and then made our way up top for a pretty killer view. I literally don't even have words for how eerie and amazing this thing was. We had a little over two minutes of totality and it was INCREDIBLE!!!